Design is Hard: Inspirational, Creative Trends for 2017

Design is hard. Everywhere you look, things are… out of place. From the way the furniture in your friend’s living room is setup to PowerPoint slides your co-worker presents to investors, to websites up and down the internet, it’s quite obvious not everyone has an eye for design.

For our feature this week, we are going to celebrate great design and laugh along with some of the most epic failures. Our goal is to inspire, entertain, motivate, and inform you of the trends we see in 2017.  But we aren’t perfect and we have included links from across the web, but we still need you!  Share your favorite content in the comments and use the comments section to discuss and learn from the community.

Design Inspiration

The Good, The Creative & The Ugly: A look at three logo concepts and a great, creative, and downright bad example for each.

Animation Everywhere: Animated logos are big in 2017. See three great examples of this trend in action.

More Animation? Check out 13 amazing animated logo presentations Concreate Studio sends to their clients.

These logos have everyone talking. 6 amazing examples of typographical logo design + 3 examples that should have stayed in Photoshop.

Beyond the Design

Love Stranger Things? While you wait for the next season, check out the fascinating story behind how it was designed.

Epic Design Fails: You’ll laugh along with us. How did they miss it?



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